3 Different Types of Earphones That You Need to Know

There are some who buy new earphones frequently to try out the latest ones. Others buy earphones that are the most comfortable fit for them. And of course, some earphones can be a one-time investment and last a very long time. These are usually the ones that come with a higher price tag. Understanding the different types of earphones can be of great help when deciding which type is best for you. You can currently choose from these three different types of earphones:

1. In-ear earphones

There are two kinds of in-ear earphones or earbuds. You have the ones that can be placed in the peripherals of your ear cavities. Then you have the ones that can be stuffed into the canals of your ear. Both of these earphone types have their own pros and cons. 

The first kind can cause pain by putting too much pressure on the folding of your ear. This happens when it’s too big for your ear cavity. The second kind of earphone is less painful, mainly because of the silicone tip. However, it can cause discomfort if the earbud doesn’t fit you right. It can slip out if it’s small or too big. 

Some individuals can feel discomfort by stuffing their ear canals with earphones. Today, you’ll find several earbud tips available online for both kinds of earphones. You can buy one either for added padding or the right fit. Many people prefer the first kind owing to its noise-reducing quality.

2. On-ear earphones

They’re also called headphones as they come with a headband. You’ll get to choose between two kinds while buying these earphones. The first kind can be pressed against your ears, whereas the second one encloses your ears. The former is usually lightweight and is ideal for those with small heads and ears. The latter can be lightweight and heavy depending on your choice. 

In the light-weighted versions, the ear portion might not be big enough. You can go for this kind if it fits you well. Lighter headphones are better as they can be carried easily. You must make sure that the headphones cover at least 95% of your years. This will ensure maximum comfort if you intend to wear them for longer periods of time.

3. Wireless earphones

Today, you’ll get all kinds of earphones with the wireless option. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you’ll need to pay extra for them. So, it would be a good idea to ask yourself whether it’s worth buying. If you intend to use your earphones with a phone or a laptop, you can go for wireless earphones. 

This option is also useful while exercising. So, if greater mobility is what you need, then a wireless earphone is always recommended. If you use earphones only while working on your desktop computer, don’t go for the wireless option. 

You must also consider sound quality while choosing these earphones. Most of them don’t give a constant sound quality as it depends greatly on the wireless coverage. It can vary greatly with the technology used by the manufacturer.

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