Accessories for iPods

If you’re in a busy city, you’ll many individuals wearing their headphones and enjoying their favourite music. While taking a walk around a college campus, you’ll get to witness similar sights. You’ll see students reading or taking a walk on the lawn. Today, they might have the latest smartphones. However, a decade ago, MP3 players or Apple iPods were in fashion. 

Even today, iPods still have a considerable number of fans across the globe. Since they first appeared in the 2000s, iPods have dominated the market of MP3 players. Besides the iPods, the accessories for the device have also made impressive sales. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most bizarre accessories of iPods:

1. iPod Belts and Boxers

When you’re ‘wearing’ your iPod, there are high chances of people taking a good look at it. Many joggers, for instance, buy wristbands that can hold their MP3 players. This helps them listen to some great music during their run. You can do more with the iPod with some cool accessories. 

Among them are special canvas belts for carrying the iPod Nano. The belt’s aluminium buckle is, in fact, a case that can hold the device perfectly. There are three different styles available in these belts. One is the ‘Original’, which shows off the entire front portion of the iPod. 

Next is the ‘Full Moon’, which covers everything except the click wheel. The third is ‘Full Metal Jacket’. It provides protection to the entire front of the iPod and looks very stylish. To those looking at it, the belt would appear like a sleek aeroplane seat-belt buckle.

2. iSticky Pad

Many of the accessories of the iPod were designed taking driving into consideration. Some people are quite careless about their iPods while driving their cars. Maybe they simply throw it onto the vehicle’s dash. As a result, it can fall out of the window and crash into pieces. This is the reason why a sticky Pad was developed. 

It secures an iPod firmly to the dash. The sticky pad is washable, can be removed, and reused as well. It doesn’t make use of any sticky adhesives or magnets that can cause damage to the device. The iPod lovers can use the sticky Pad and enjoy long rides on the highway without any worries.

3. iPod Gloves

Even if you hate it, you have to walk to work or to your class when it’s cold outside. In such situations, bringing an iPod along to listen to some fabulous music can be risky. Of course, you’ll make sure that you have big headphones that also act like warm earmuffs. You’ll keep your hands warm by wearing your gloves. 

Although gloves provide your hands with the required warmth, there’s a downside to it. You find it difficult to manoeuvre the click wheel of your iPod. This happens because the technology used for the click wheel is sensitive to touch. It relies on the electricity that your fingertips carry. 

This tells the system which song needs to be played next. Most of the gloves are made using materials that resist electricity. This makes it really hard to choose the desired music file without constantly taking off the gloves. There are many companies that have developed special iPod gloves. 

They obviously keep up the good work of protecting your hands from the cold weather. Additionally, they are made with the technology that allows you to use your iPod without hassles.

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